6 Things Buyers Need to Look for on the Real Estate Purchase Agreement

Posted by John Kilduff II // June 25, 2018

Purchase Agreement

It’s amazing to think that years ago people used to make deals as big as real estate transactions on a simple handshake. Today, real estate transactions include a big stack of paperwork that is scattered all throughout the process. It’s tempting to just keep signing without reading over each document, but you don’t want to […]

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Down Payment Myths Home Buyers Must Prepare For

Posted by John Kilduff II // June 18, 2018

Down Payment

Saving enough for a down payment is one of the most common reasons that millennials haven’t purchased a home yet. And millennials aren’t the only ones struggling to come up with the money they need for a down payment. This is a stress that holds many people back from pursuing the steps towards homeownership. There […]

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Asking How to Sell My House Fast New Jersey? We Can Buy it!

Posted by John Kilduff II // June 11, 2018

Sell My House Fast New Jersey

Sometimes a homeowner has to ask: how do I sell my house fast New Jersey?  A sudden life change can make it difficult to pay a mortgage or the need to move to a new area can be pressing.   The process to sell my house fast New Jersey can seem convoluted. A homeowner faced […]

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It Is Still Possible to Buy a Home When Interest Rates Are Rising

Posted by John Kilduff II // June 4, 2018

Interest Rates

There has not been a better time to get a mortgage.  In the last few years, especially since 2008, the interest rates were set at an all time low.  These low interest rates were set to help more people to become homeowners. It also helped those that could not afford the payments that would come […]

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Attention Home Sellers: 7 Ways To Ruin Any Chance of Selling That House

Posted by John Kilduff II // May 28, 2018

Home Sellers

When preparing to sell a house there is a lot of work that home sellers must do.  By and large, home sellers know they must clear their house of any clutter and clean the rooms.  However, some do not know that what they are leaving in the home could hurt their chances of selling, as […]

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Calling All First-Time Home Buyers! Do These 8 Things From the Start

Posted by John Kilduff II // May 21, 2018

First-Time Home Buyers

First-time home buyers – congratulations! You have decided to buy your first house! It’s an exciting time with a lot to learn as you prepare to switch from renter to owner. Here are eight steps to help first-time home buyers through the process. Research the area When first-time home buyers know what area you want […]

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Ready to Leave Your Starter Home Behind? You May Want to Think Twice

Posted by John Kilduff II // May 14, 2018

Starter Home

Moving out of your starter home can be an emotional decision. After all, it’s where you got your start. You have built wonderful memories in the house, but life happens and there are many reasons why that might mean moving on from your starter home. For one, you may have outgrown your starter house. What […]

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Your Moving Checklist

Posted by John Kilduff II // May 7, 2018


There are many steps to moving.  Many people have to go through the process of purchasing a home or even finding a new place to rent.  After packing their whole life into boxes and moving them into a new house it can be overwhelming to do anything else. Unfortunately, the work is not over yet. […]

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Why Property Taxes Go Up (No Matter Where You Live)

Posted by John Kilduff II // April 30, 2018

Property Taxes

No homeowner likes to pay their property taxes.  Each time this bill rolls around homeowners are groaning to themselves about the amount of money they need to dish out.   But the reality is that property taxes are important for the neighborhood.  They fund needed programs like the police or fire department, library, schools, and […]

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Setting Up a Budget for Your Home Renovations

Posted by John Kilduff II // April 23, 2018

Home Renovations

Dreaming up what you can and will do to your home can be fun and exciting. Just be warned that most home renovations come with unforeseen costs. So before you start picking out the décor for your remodel, make sure to price out what the remodel will cost you. To start, ask yourself what are […]

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