Types of Insurance for Homebuyers– What You Need and What You Don’t

Posted by John Kilduff II // October 16, 2017


When insurance companies find out that you are buying a house, your mailbox will start instantly receiving all kinds of offers from insurance companies. There are different types of insurance that can help cover homebuyers for just about any situation. They all come at a cost, and some are worth it when others are not. […]

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9 Mistakes to Ruin Your Home Selling Experience

Posted by John Kilduff II // October 9, 2017

Home Selling

The real estate market is a competitive place. If you want your selling experience to result in a house that sells, you need to make it stand out from the competition. With the help of the internet and real estate agents, buyers today are more educated than ever on the market. That means you need […]

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Breaking Down Closing Costs

Posted by John Kilduff II // October 2, 2017

Closing Costs

Ah, the dreaded closing costs — the one thing no one likes to talk about when it comes to selling and buying a home. Closing costs are certainly not the most fun or exciting thing to talk about when it comes to real estate, but in the present housing market, it’s an essential piece of […]

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Home Sellers: Where to Begin?

Posted by John Kilduff II // September 25, 2017

Home Sellers

As home sellers, you’re ready to sell, but don’t know the first thing about where to start. Maybe you tidy up a bit and go buy a “For Sale” sign at your nearest store. Now you’re ready, right? Wrong. There is still much to do! Here are some tips to help home sellers begin the […]

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How to Buy Homes for Sale in Egg Harbor Twp NJ

Posted by John Kilduff II // September 18, 2017

Homes for Sale in Egg Harbor Twp NJ

If you are interested in homes for sale in Egg Harbor Twp NJ, and especially if you are buying a home for the first time, then you might be a little apprehensive about the entire process. There is a lot to gather and understand, and there are a lot of facets to comprehend. Many questions […]

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How to Avoid Sabotaging Your Credit Score

Posted by John Kilduff II // September 11, 2017

Credit Score

Did you know that your credit score can be negatively affected in ways you might not have ever thought were possible? Your credit score is impacted by so many things in so many ways. There are factors that can greatly impact your credit score in a positive way, but there are some that can easily […]

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Quick and Easy Techniques to Help Sell Your Home

Posted by John Kilduff II // September 4, 2017

When it comes time to sell your home, it is extremely important to get it on the market and sold fast. While most sellers think of the end result, making the most money you can on your house is the goal. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work out the way we want it to. There can […]

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How to Sell My House Egg Harbor Twp NJ

Posted by John Kilduff II // August 28, 2017

Sell My House Egg Harbor Twp NJ

It is no secret how extremely competitive the current Egg Harbor Twp NJ real estate market is, not only for home sellers, but for homebuyers as well. If you are thinking “I want to sell my house Egg Harbor Twp NJ,” you know that it can be a difficult challenge making your home better than […]

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5 Options with Inherited Property

Posted by John Kilduff II // July 31, 2017

Inherited Property

Losing a loved one is a difficult. There are many decisions that need to be made during the process, which is not easy when dealing with grief. For many, the process of losing a parent or family member involves inherited property. While your loved one most likely willed you their property to help provide for […]

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6 Curb Appeal Mistakes that Hurt Your Chance of a Sale

Posted by John Kilduff II // July 24, 2017

Curb Appeal

It’s true that the majority of home buyers are looking online before driving to a house. However, curb appeal is still king. Even if you have a beautiful house on the inside, buyers are attracted to houses with good curb appeal. It may be a seller’s market right now, but these six mistakes can leave […]

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